Mobetah in St. Pete Beach Florida just prior to leaving for the Northwestern Caribbean

Mobetah in St. Pete Beach Florida just prior to leaving for the Northwestern Caribbean

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Until his retirement, Bill Was a Landscape Architect for the National Park Service and Pat was a Physical Therapist.

Friday, January 30, 2009

A New Entertainment Center for Christmas

Well, Santa brought the boat a new entertainment center for Christmas. Unfortunately, he didn't have time to install it so Bill went over to the boat and did that last week.

He replaced the old cassette player radio with a new JVC (200 watt) cd player/receiver. The new radio is sirius radio ready, plays MP3s and has an aux input on the front of the unit for I-pods etc., we got a pass-through adapter so we now have an external input (which connects to our new JVC Sirius radio tuner which connects to the back of the JVC reciever - both are out of site in a cabinet under the entertainment center) so we can now play music, on our computer, through the stereo without all those wires and cables showing.

We replaced our old 13"analog tv with a 19" LCD-HD which Santa purchased at 5:00am on Black Friday. We ended up mounting it with a swivil arm mount from WalMart (worked out really well and at a very reasonable price)

We also replaced the old VCR with a Magnavox DVD recorder/player.

In order to install the various pieces of electronic gear Bill had to move the clock and barometer (to make room for the tv), relocate the air conditioner thermostat (to make room for the tv mount) and fabricate and install a new panel for the JVC radio and a new panel for the tv mount to be mounted to (it also covers the hole left by the relocated air conditioner thermostat).

Everything is now complete on our new entertainment center including permanently mounting the sirius radio antenna. We decide to mount the sirius radio antenna on the davits, so we had to order and intall an antenna cable extension.